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    Online marketing

    Channel analysis

    The share of conversions from multiple acquisition channels on an eCommerce website is now estimated at more than 50%. In this context, the attribution of performance is a major issue for all actors of digital marketing.

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    Google Analytics compatible

    With the diversification of acquisition channels, it is now essential for all e-commerce websites to have a clear idea of the performance of each marketing channel. Learn more

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    Case study :

    "In 2012, we will celebrate our thirteenth birthday. PASID method coupled with Mazeberry Express has allowed us to rethink our online marketing budget and to save valuable time." Frédéric Guffroy, founder and CEO of

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  • The PASID method is a marketing method dedicated to online retailers. Many experts contributed to the elaboration of this method.

    Thibaut Lemay, CEO of Mazeberry